How Princess Superheroes Dress…

Sorry I been MIA!

Den me members I wants to tell how me get dresses!

First…I gets out of beds…

Dis not where me fell asleeps! How me get down here?? >.<
Dis not where me fell asleeps! How me get down here?? >.<

Theeeen … me goes to mine closets with mine dressing wand

and look at each of mine special dressin tents.

Mine closets is super awesome and special because I mades it mineself

wif dese great stuffies I gots from Tic Tot Toe and Buglets!

Welcome to mine closet!
Welcome to mine closet!

Buglets made these really cool circus tents for the monthly event called The Circus

Then I put a wands that Tic Tot Toe put out for The Woodlands Gacha in each tent and each wand has magics!

They talks to da wand in mine hand through the magic of the tents.

So theeen…me go all Highlander and scream “Der can be only one!” and holds mine wand in da sky!

Der can be only one!
Der can be only one!

Then the magic bubbles float allll over and land on one tent.

After I walks into the tent, it dresses me an TADAAA!!!Ā  Dis Princess Superhero is ready for action!

2015-03-04_005Okays…off to sabes da world from da Alliance.Ā  For da hoooorde!! šŸ˜®

Ok Byez!


Pictures 1-3

Outfit – #Rewind – ATLT Victorian Autumn Sleeper – Lilac EXCLUSIVE (socks included)
Hair – ::FY:: Curly Pony

Picture 4

Shirt – t.O. Horde Hoodie
Jeans – .:LBM:. Alien Monster Friends – Squibb (Jeans Applier)
Shoes – Prototype High-Tops from KJIm Apparel (Not available…yet)

Accessories & Body

Mesh Avi ā€“ Cute Bytes ā€“ Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Eyes ā€“ NP ā€“ Fairy Eyes ā€“ sumi
Teeth ā€“ [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
Mani/Pedi ā€“ {Wicked} Peach ā€“ Mani/Pedi ā€“ Ethereal ā€“ Toddleedoo
Earrings ā€“ [S][A] Bella Earring Blue

Tents: ~*Buglets*~ Lil Circus Tent Gacha (Available at The Circus)
Magic Wands: [TTT] – Magic Wands Preview (Available at The Woodlands Gacha)

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