Hi everybody!

So I was looking for somethin to get into

And thought to myself…I think I wanna go skateboarding!

But first…I needed the right outfits because I’m a baby fashionista! hehehe

So digging through mine inventories, I found this amazin’ hat from Tic Tot Toe

It’s part of the Wonderland Gacha going on right now at Bro I Gacha

She has about 11 hats, 3 are rare!2015-04-15_001

This one is Tweedle Dee and mine favorite

because it goes with mine outfit

from KJIm Kids!

Ok so now I’m alll dressed and ready to go skating!

There’s a good one at Masoma

Buuuut you gotta be in the group to rez

So…I went to mine own private skate park

And grabbed mine skateboard from Mikanto!
2015-04-15_008These poses are part of the Sidewalk Gacha sale going on now!

There is a really cool brain helmet and skateboard that are rare

And then theeeese are the poses! They’re awesomes!

Anyway…off to practice mines 360! Woo!

But before I goes…dis one of mine favorite songs! It kinda fittings hehe!

Ok byez!


Outfit – KJIm Kids: Vacation Minion Plaid Outfit
Hat – Tweedle Dum [modded] (part of the TTT – Hatters Party for Bro I Gatcha – April)
Shoes – KJIm Kids: Sleepover Prankster Kicks
Hair – ::FY:: Curly Pony (modded)
Mesh Avi – Cute Bytes – Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack (with baby teeth add-on used, sold separately)
Mani/Pedi – ~*Buglets*~ TD Speckled Candy Nails (from April Round of Hello Beautiful)

*Poses provided by Mikanto for the April round of the Sidewalk Gatcha.

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