A Pmp Named Pookie Pickle Juice

So earlier today,  I found my callin!!

A callin is like when you telephone ring

And then the voice on the end say

“This is what you gonna be when you grow up!”

Cept it can happen anywheres. MIne happen when

Me went to All The Little Things…


So…I had to tell mine sissy Rucker!
Me: guess whats?
Rucker: whats?
Me: me went to career fair and me decided…me gonna be a
pimp when me grow up! me got da whoooole uniform n eberyting!
Rucker: /me faints

… a few minutes later …
Rucker: honey your a DIVA not a PIMP
Me: i gunna be a cannie pimp!
… still later …
Me: i gunna be called a pimp named pookie pickle juice
Rucker: Lawd have mercy
Me: i gunna sling dat good bubblegum! like dat make rainbow bubbles guuuurl
Me: people eberywhere is gonna wanna buy allll da cannies!
Me: i gunna hire securitah n guard dogs tew watch ober my ennerprise!
Me: den … when me get allll da money
Rucker: lol
Me: i gonna buy yew a big fancy carrr
Me: n a house
Me: n a big big diamond rings so yew can be on fleek and be like
“hay girl hayyyyyyy! my diva pimp lil sis got me laced y’all”

Me think she okay wif mine callin’ nows…

Ok Byez!


Shirt, Coat & Pants – ToddleTeeZ – Lil Pimp Gacha Outfit (Coat is the RARE)
Glasses – ToddleTeeZ – Lil Pimp – Gold Glitter Star Glasses – B
Hat – ToddleTeeZ – Lil Pimp – Hat – B
Shoes – ToddleTeeZ – Lil Pimp – Zebra Sneakers – B
Pimp Cane – ToddleTeeZ – Lil Pimp – Cane
Pimp Cup – ToddleTeeZ – Lil Pimp – Cup – B
Necklace – ToddleTeeZ – Lil Pimp – Necklace – B
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Ivana –  black & whites
Mesh Avi – Cute Bytes – Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack (with baby teeth add-on used, sold separately)
Mani/Pedi – ~*Buglets*~ TD Speckled Candy Nails (from April Round of Hello Beautiful)

TP To All The Little Things between now and 05/16 to get your pimp suit and other fun stuff for career day!

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