Wow…me been gone a long times! But me glad to be back! I gots bery sicks in real lifes and been taking time off to get betters

So now dat me back … LET’S ROCK!! hehehehe

And what better way to do dat dan a makeober courtesies of Lil Big Me!

Meet Pookie on da ax.  She think she da brains in my multi linden dolla industries. But we know better.  Aaanyway, she wanted to be cutes today, so her in dis really cute dress call Beth from Lil Big Me. Yew gets eberything but the hair n guitar of courses. 😀

Shots from Pookie Pickle Juice - Rock Star

Dis Pickle. She da lead singer.  She likes tew get stuck in things. Sometimes she follow Pookie and den sometimes she follow me.  I guesses today she decided girly da way to go. So she wearin dis outfit called Taylor. Cute huh? hehehe

Shots from Pookie Pickle Juice - Rock Star

Den der’s me: da brains of da operation. Me Juice!  And I usually don’t like a lot of frilly froo froo stuffies.  So when me saw these shorts from Lil Big Me, me thought “oh yeaaah!!” like mine friend Miss Cherry say when she citeds. hehehe

Shots from Pookie Pickle Juice - Rock Star

Da troof is dey all are parts of me. And together we make Pookie Pickle Juice!!  And thiiiis is our very first music videos! We covered an awesomes song called “Celebrity Skin”.  Enjoyyyy!  Oh and go buy stuffies from Lil Big Me!  Ok Bye!


Lead Singer’s Outfit

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fynn –  black & whites (be careful. Even though it unrigged, it has no resizer) [SLurl]
Outfit: {Lil Big Me} Taylor Dress Fit (dress, jacket, headband and shoes included) [SLurl]

Drummer’s Outfit

Hair: ::FY:: Fresh Curls [SLurl]
Top: {Lil Big Me} Beth Tank Top (part of the Beth Outfit) [SLurl]
Pants: {Lil Big Me} Cargo Jeans – Black (avail in a fatpack) [SLurl]
Shoes: KJIm Kids: Sleepover Prankster Kicks [SLurl]

Guitarist’s Outfit

Outfit: {Lil Big Me} Beth Outfit (dress, jacket, headband and shoes included) [SLurl]

Props & Stuffs

Drums & Mic: Lil Sugarbugs – Rockout Band Pose (anims & dance not included) [MP]
Guitar: TBF Kitty Guitar 2.0 [MP – AD IS NOT KID FRIENDLY] *this is made in 3 sizes and not all music for kids*

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