Feeding Horsie…

I went explorins a lil bits today in my

Newwwww outfit from Tic Tot Toe! And I in lubs!


Ain’t it cuuuute?

And found a pretty place called

Kona Beach!


And it had pretty horses!

It sure was hot out, so I thought

hmm…maybe Mister Horsie want ice cream!


Anyway, after I fed him, his wifey come

She was pretty and let me ride her.


Then we found a big mountain with sketti sauce falling off it!

I wanted to look closer…but the horsie didn’t move!

So we just look at it for a whiles.

Anyway, time for more ice cream!

Okay bye!


Hair: AD – li [SLurl]
Outfit: TTT – Boho Tunic (for the Color Me Cute Event) [SLurl]
Ice Cream: Mikanto – Ice Cream (Panda) (for the Bro I Gacha Event) [SLurl]
Nail Polish: ~*Buglets*~ TD Summer Ombre Nails (ONLY Avail at Hello Beautiful) [SLurl]
Mesh Avi – Cute Bytes – Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack (with baby teeth add-on used, sold separately)

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