Get Back Here…I’m Still Hungry!

Attack of the baby zombie!!  Starring me, Pookie Pickle Juice as Zombie Baby and big headed sissypants Kilo as fooooood!


Heyyyyyy get back here! I’m still hungry!! FEEEEEED MEEEE!!!


Ok, bye!



  • Outfit: . tiptoes – Muddy Days
    includes sweater and dirt tats on applier
  • Shoes: RRec Running Shoes Black Grey

Body, Hair & Makeup

  • Skin: **DoRks** Elementals Skin Applier *Ivy Tone*
    requires Omega Relay System
    available at Willowvale: Land of Tous Les Enfants 07/21-08/21/17 [Event SLurl]
  • Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Revenant Eyes (Gangrene) w/MESH
  • Hair: *barberyumyum*2017.2GG
  • Bloody mouth: {Frick} Cruel Makeup

All other body information found here.

Background Settings & Other Information

Kilo’s blog details can be found here: Class & Sass Blog

Items in bold are sponsored.

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