Happy Easter!

I went to the Bay Ridge Botanical Gardens on Saturday for the Easter Egg Hunt with my friends! But I snuck in so I could try to find the Easter Bunny and see if he give me cannies early.


He appears to be sleeping on the job. So I took a selfie instead. Oh well! I’ll get the extra cannies later!

Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • 🌟 Outfit: *Unicorn Kandi* Olivia Blue {TD B & K} – comes with headband and shoes (not shown)
  • 🌟 Earrings: {T.T}Diva Earrings for Kidcrate (last day of pre-orders is 11:59pm 04/02/2018)
  • Necklace: ^Upcycled^ Princess Necklaces (was gift from mines friend Bella! ♥)
  • Unicorn Puppet: {Aura’s} My FairyTale Puppet {Unicorn Flowers} (gifty from mines Ellie!)

Body & Makeups

  • Hair: #Foxy – Regan Hair (Grayscales)
  • Other Basic body information found here.

Other Information


Sponsored items are in have a 🌟 in front of it. Promo items have a ❂ next to it.


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