Ride Along

One of mine big heroes is Chief Silvercloud who runs our police department in Bay Ridge. She always doing patrol, catching the bad guy and exacting justice like real life super hero (except she don’t got out of this world powers like you see on TV).


So I snuck over to police department to do some citizens on patrol because I want to fight crime too, even if I can only radio it in.  Anyway, we got a call over radio about somebody in distress so I ran to police car and am waiting for the cops to hop in so we can go!  I wonder if I ask nicely if they will let me click the buttons and turn on the siren? 😮

Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • Shirt: .::Little Clover::.Blog When I Grow Up Gacha~RARE~Police @ The Play Room by Seraphim (🌟)
  • Jeans: ~LaZo – Comfy Jeans – FATPACK
  • Hat: ( CS420 ) BLACK POLICE CAP
  • Sunglasses: TBF The Destructinator – Aviator Sunglasses
  • Walkie Talkie: ::TAKE MESH::Walkietalkie
  • 🌟 Earrings: {T.T}Pearl Love Earrings @ The Trunk Show

Body & Makeups

  • Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Carly Mesh Hair – B&W
  • 🌟 Nail Polish: .kosmetik Kids Nail Applier – Rainbow Glitter 02
  • Other Basic body information found here.

Other Information

Sponsored items are in have a 🌟 in front of it. Promo items have a ❂ next to it.

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