About Aura Damour

Aura Damour is a baby ToddleeDoo avatar created in the game Second Life. She likes to play in the dirt and mud but hates bugs and worms. She loves cannies (candy for all those who don’t speak child/baby), ice cream and monster cheese (muenster cheese). She is incredibly articulate for her age. The problem is…she has a large vocabulary and often misuses her words. She loves music, so you’ll probably find her quoting songs left and right. She also loves to dance and will be working on her line of dancers coming soon to a marketplace near you.

She’s a little tape recorder so be careful; she’ll repeat it. She loves doing hunts, playing with her friends, shopping and blogging even if she’s not on often.

You can find her on Facebook and inworld under the name “Aura Damour”.

She’s also on Flickr.

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