Starfishy Bay!


I gotted to spend the day with mine girl Renie D! We wents to the beach and I got attacked by starfish! There were so many! Their um…stars they tickled lots and we had so much fun in the sun! We even brought out favorite animals with us! Petey the Piggyhad a blast too!

Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • 🌟 Purple Swimsuit:  .kosmetik Kids – Swimsuit Pk1  @ The Toddleedoo Fair until 07/11/18
  • 🌟 Orange Swimsuit:  .kosmetik Kids – Swimsuit Pk2  @ The Toddleedoo Fair until 07/11/18
  • Starfish on head: MishMish – Starfish – Orange Pack (former Collabor88 item)
  • 🌟 Shoes: {T.T}Bow Clogs for Shop Hop 07/07-07/14/2018
  • Pig: JIAN Playtime Piglets 6. Black Companion BOX

Body & Makeups

  • Hair: 29. hair *** Betty *** (no longer available)
  • 🌟 Purple Nails: .kosmetik Kids Nail Applier – Summer Pk1  @ The Toddleedoo Fair until 07/11/18
  • 🌟 Orange Nails: .kosmetik Kids Nail Applier – Summer Pk2  @ The Toddleedoo Fair until 07/11/18
  • Aura’s other basic body information found here.

Other Information

  • 🌟 Floaties: {T.T}My Pizza Floaty (Sponsor Prize for Shop Hop 07/07-07/14/2018)
  • Special guest blogger: Renie D for Lil Renie World.

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I found a place to hides. It is peaceful here! I think I’ll stay awhile.


Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • Front/Top Hair Stick: *katat0nik* (princess hair stick) Cloud Dragon
  • Back Hair Sticks: The Half Moon Market – Rapunzel’s Hair Sticks Box
  • Hair: Tableau vivant \\ Corvina hair – B+W
    available at Collabor88 until 10/31/17 [Event SLurl]
  • Bangs: TRUTH VIP – Bangs Collection
    group membership is L$350
  • Dress: By Hanta – Lil Geisha Outfit (Lavender)
    includes face makeup on omega applier & other items

Body & Makeup

  • Skin & Shape: **DoRks** Emma Skin
    available during this round of Shop Hop (ends 10/13/17); requires Omega Applier
  • Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento – ALEX
  • Body: ~ToddleeDoo – Baby (v.4.0.2 BETA)
  • Nail Polish: LIVIA::Sparkle & Shine [June 2016 GG]

Shot on location at Tempura Island!

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Baby Medusa & Her Statue

Baby Medusa, named for her mother, was born with the curse bestowed upon her mother. But unlike Medusa, she felt herself growing and changing, heart turning cold as her innocence was falling away.

medusa & statue 1.png

To keep that part of herself safe, she touched her reflection, watching her sweetness and former self turn to stone, forever reaching to find that part of herself she lost when Medusa fell and she was next in line to carry on her legacy. She comes to her special hiding place for respite, solace … a silent reminder of the her she wants to get back to when she finds a cure for this curse so her heart can once again soften and warm to restore her innocence.

medusa & statue 2.png

The End

Ok, bye!



  • Dress: {Lil Big Me} Ball Gown – Silk Green
    includes shoes
  • Skin: **DoRks** Elementals Skin Applier *Ivy Tone*
    requires Omega Relay System
    available at Willowvale: Land of Tous Les Enfants 07/21-08/21/17 [Event SLurl]
  • Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *MEDUSA 2* -RED
  • Body: Toddleedoo Baby v3.9
  • Head: Bad Seed – Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head v2.5
  • Eyes: ~JJ~ Serpent Goddess Eyes Omega Applier
  • Scales: :[Even~Tide]: New Dragon (Scales) – Poison
  • Tail: CURELESS [+] Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragontail MOSS


  • Swimsuit: Lil Brats ~ Striped Swimsuit
    available at Thimble Event 07/20-08/15/17 [Event SLurl]
  • Earrings:  Angelle 20mm hoop earrings ~ silver ~ thin ~
  • Skin: **DoRks** Elementals Skin Applier *Juniper Tone*
    requires Omega Relay System
    available at Willowvale: Land of Tous Les Enfants 07/21-08/21/17 [Event SLurl]
  • Hair: #Foxy – Regan Hair
    at Collabor88’s February Round [Event SLurl]
  • Body: Bad Seed Bebe Body V 1.1
  • Head: Bad Seed  – Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head v2.5

All other body information found here.

Other Information

  • Pose: KJIm: Medusa & Statue TD Pose (coming soon)

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