Mine Favorite Pose Stand!

Oh hi!

So it all started a few years ago when a former fambly member of mines would blog on mines platform and they had this really cool disappearing pose stand that looked like this the two pointy arrow heads with a heart in the middle.  I loved how you could click the heart in the middle and *poof* all gone wif you standin’ in the pose! Great for when I at homes and want to take mine bloggity piccies! hehehehe

Aaaaanyways, after years of huntins high and low and finally memberin’ to ask on facebook, I founds it!!


I know it don’t lookie like much. But when you sit on it and then clicky the heart…*POOF* you in you pose and you only see you in the pose…see??


Isn’t that coooool?!? 😮  I think so! And da best part???  It is copy and mod so you can add aaaall you poses and use it over and over agains!

So now I happy wif mines faaaavorite pose stand. And I get to take even more piccies! hehehehehe  And what better way to do that than in mine new dresses from doRks!


You can get these at the ATP event that started on 03/01/2017. Okay…time for me to go be mine magical unicorn self!

Okay bye!


  • Hair: AD – proud mary – blacks
  • Earrings & Necklace: ToddleTeeZ By Z -Ladybug Necklace & Earring Set {Purple}
  • Dress & wand: **DoRks** Magic Dresses & Sparkle Wands
    at the ATP event starting 03/01/2017 [Event SLurl]
  • Bracelet: . Little Fox . Friendship Bracelet ½
  • Nail Polish: Bad Seed Zebra Nails Gift (on MP)

Body Information found here.

Pose stand: Say Cheese Pose Stand (part of any of the pose packs). Poses used not part of pose pack purchased.

*Items in bold are sponsored.

Rounding Up My Homies

So what had happened was…it was a nice day out in da city and the tunes was playin’ loud from upstairs. So I said to mineself, “Pookie…we need da squad to come thru”.


Wifey: Ello?
Me: Yeah…you hear dat new Rick Ross, girl?
Wifey: From Suicide Squads? Yeahhh!!
Me: You know what dat means…!!
Wifey: Okay, me and Prince be ober in a minutes.

So after going through my bags from Allergic to Pink, I found da perfect outfit from DoRks and changed. Then I met mine squad outside…(no how bout dat. dat song funnies…but da girl…she stupids :P)


We posted up for our quick selfie and theeeen…BAM homie! We made a dance videooooo.  😛 Check it out yo!

Okay bye!


On me:

  • Outfit #1
    • Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Trixie Mesh Hair – FLF Exclusive pack
    • Earrings: :*BABY*: Chic Earring
    • Cell Phone:**DoRks** My Heart Typer
      Part of the Thimble Event [Event SLurl]
    • Bracelet: . Little Fox . Friendship Bracelet ½
    • Sweatshirt: {Blumbli} – Valentine Sweater #6 (Baby)
      Part of the Thimble Event [Event SLurl]
    • Jean: ::FY:: Denim Capris – Dark Denim
    • Shoes:**DoRks** Love You Boots
      This is a free group gift in the mainstore!
  • Outfit #2
    • Hair: ::FY:: Curly Pony (slightly modded – moved to side)
    • Hat: ::H.O.H.:: Dope Hat Purple
    • Earrings: Turducken – Blue Sapphire Studs
    • Outfit: **DoRks** Fly Girls Outfits (Stay Fierce Style)
      Includes jeans and shoes. 5 styles total
      Available at Addicted to Pink 02/01-02/25/17 [Event SLurl]
  • Body, Skin & Shape Info
    • Mesh Head: Bad Seed – Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head
    • Mesh Avi: Toddleedoo Baby v3.2 [SLurl]
    • Mesh Hands: ~ Toddleedoo – Bento Hands Poses (v.3.0) [SLurl]
    • Skin: Jordan Skin-DyVersatile Kids
      Kid skins are in a vendor on the 2nd floor at the top of the stairs
    • Shape: Mines (Unavailable)

On Storm aka Wifey:

  • Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Katie Mesh Hair – Ethereal
  • Necklace: ToddleTeeZ – LadyBug Necklace {Blue}
  • Sweater:  {LPP} TD “Tres Cool” – Sweater Grey
  • Jeans: .S&S. 1999 Straight Jeans – Stone Wash
  • Mesh Head: ~ Toddleedoo Mesh Head Bento Alice [SLurl]
  • Mesh Avi: Toddleedoo Baby v3.2 [SLurl]
  • Mesh Hands: ~ Toddleedoo – Bento Hands Poses (v.3.0) [SLurl]

On Prince aka Brofus:

**Bolded stores are sponsored items for this blog.

Props & Poses:

  • Backdrop: YC Steel Garage  Backdrop – Yumi Chiuh
  • Pose: . my lucky stars . Troublemakers
  • Dancer used: Skrillex & Rick Ross (dancer) in I

Indiana Damour (Mine Big Adventure!)

Somebody lost the golden statue!

It otay though

Dr. Aura “Indiana” Damour is on the ways! *Starts walking and hears the theme to the movie “Indiana Jones” {{OOC Note: this awesome outfit has a walker that really plays the theme to Indiana Jones!}}*

Dr. Damour's Office in the jungle
Dr. Damour’s Office in the jungle

Once I gots the call, down the zip line I went!


I talked to the native animals and while the gorilla was a bit silent…

Me: Do yew knows where da statue is? Hims: Ooh ooh! Me: Oh well...next animal!
Me: Do yew knows where da statue is?
Hims: Ooh ooh!
Me: Oh well…next animal!

The elephants were chatty Kathy’s and they told me where to find its!

Little Elephant: Mommy can we help hers? Many minutes laters... Momma Elephant #1: *elephant noises* Momma Elephant #2: mhmm...and if you go over there...
Little Elephant: Mommy can we help hers?
Momma Elephant #1: *elephant noises*
Many minutes laters…
Momma Elephant #2: mhmm…and if you go over there…

I passed through the deepest waters, climbed the highest trees and even fought a snake. And then there it was…under the bushes!

So you what everyone making a fuss about huh?
So you what everyone making a fuss about huh?

I lay there for a minute to study it and then

Grabbed it before the booby trap went off and escaped, statue tucked under mine arm!


I even managed to save a tiger and rode him home!

Mine trusty sidekick!
Mine trusty sidekick!

The end.

Ok Byez!


Outfit – Tic Tot Toe Adventurer Outfit (found at the Allergic to Pink event) [includes statue, whip, hat & shoes]

Accessories & Body

Hair – *Soonsiki~Sunny *Blacks*
Mesh Avi – Cute Bytes – Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Eyes – NP – Fairy Eyes – sumi
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
Mani/Pedi – {Wicked} Peach – Mani/Pedi – Ethereal – Toddleedoo
Earrings – [S][A] Bella Earring Blue

Location shoot: LICK Sim Design