Is Vacation Times!

Mine bags is packed and I ready to goes!


Only thing is…I not s’posed to tag alongs hehehehe. *pops mines gum, getting it all over mines face while I think…* I got it! Noooo worries! Mines Heaven’s gonna help me sneak on boards!


Okay bye!


On me:

  • Outfit: **DoRks** Lucky & Charm Dress (wearing Lucky Dress)
    at Toos Cute Monthly – March Round 03/02 -03/25 [Event SLurl]
  • Shoes: {T.T}Hallie TD sandals
    at Ninety-Nine Event [Event SLurl]
  • Hair: TRUTH VIP – March (wear me) – ZOYA
    *GROUP GIFT $350L to join
  • Sunglasses: Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses
  • Earrings: Turducken – Cutie Earrings – Gemstone
  • Bubblegum: {{ Momo }} Bubble Gum Gacha (eating raspberry bliss)
    *gum drool is an omega applier. **animated w/ sound
    at Hello Beautiful Event starting 03/10 [Event SLurl]
  • Suitcase: ~*larnia*~ travellin’ style suitcase (rainbow)
    at Ninety-Nine Event [Event SLurl]

Body Information found here.

On Mines Heaven:

Items in bold are sponsored.


Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble…

10-Best-Halloween-Wallpapers-Backgrounds-Best-Halloween-Wallpapers-BackgroundsI love this outfit from Buglets!! It’s a gacha for this round of Playroom! Go get it! It comes with everything here and the cauldron comes with these three poses!  It’s awesome! Good luck!

Ok bye!!


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Danni –  black & whites [SLurl]
Outfit: ~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Witch Gacha (available at the playroom) [SLurl]

Mesh Avi – Cute Bytes – Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack (with baby teeth add-on used, sold separately)

Don’t Touch Me Treasures!!

Note: This is going to be written in and out of character (but mostly in)

Arrrrrrrrrrr!! *giggles*
Arrrrrrrrrrr!! *giggles*

So dis one times, me was on da beach

N dis chest washes up and says

“Come habs a seats!”

So me sat and loook!!

2015-09-13_002Me got dis cool swoooort and eye paaaaaatch and hat from da chest! 😮

Mommy Story - Pirate
Mommy trynna steaaaals mine treasures! *giggle*

Den mines mommy come and she say
“What are yew doing bbg?”

So den me habs to tell her what happens…

Hiiii! 。◕‿◕。 mommy!

lookie whaaaat i founds! 😮

it wash up from der *points to da ocean*

but me touch da chest n it popped out aaaaall da chesteses

den i found a box n it had dis hat n dis sooord n dis thing on my eye

n it say “protect my babies!”

so me sit on it n me guardin her chesteses babies!

Theeee end!

Mommy was very proud of mes!

Ok bye!


Hair – TRUTH HAIR Anouk –  black & whites
Necklace – 11. :BAMSE: Loyalty Necklaces – BRATS
Earrings – :*BABY*: Chic Earrings
Outfit – ::FY:: Like a Boss (includes sneakers)
Hat & Sword – TTT – Pirate Gear (at the Kid 2 Kid event)
Pirate Props – TTT – Pirate Chest Decor (at the Kid 2 Kid event), TTT – Pirate Chest Gacha (at the fairytale forever event)
Mesh Avi – Cute Bytes – Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack (with baby teeth add-on used, sold separately)