Sissy’s Makeup Bag


I was running around at homes and I heard the amazins Miss Bette Midler on the land and then I founds sissy’s makeup bags. I wanna be beautifuls like her and like Miss Bette Midler. So I turned it ups and started putting stuffs on!  I think I look goooooods!  See? Cheeese!

Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • 🌟 Outfit:  *AfroBaby* Safari Zebra outfit (fits TD 3.9.1 [nonfitted] best) coming to Shop Hop 06/08/2018
  • 🌟 Sunglasses: {T.T}Beach Glasses coming to Shop Hop 06/08/2018

Body & Makeups

  • Hair: Unorthodox Lex Hair – Noir
  • Smeared lipstick: Izzie’s – Mouth Mess (TD & Omega)
  • Other Basic body information found here.

Other Information

Sponsored items are in have a 🌟 in front of it. Promo items have a ❂ next to it.