Community Gardening


I was out walking today in Bay Ridge and stopped by our community garden.  Some of the patches had no flowers and I wanted to help make it pretty. Thankfully my barrel is always set up for gardening! So off to work I went!  Let’s hope I help make it pretty. 🙂

Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • Hat: .::Little Clover::.I Dressed Myself Gacha~Fedora Blue (former Playroom Item 🌟)
  • Tie: .::Little Clover::.I Dressed Myself Gacha~Tie 2 (former Playroom Item 🌟)
  • Outfit: .::Little Clover::.I Dressed Myself Gacha~Outfit 2~Boxed RARE (former Playroom Item 🌟)

Body & Makeups

Other Information

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