Fresh Off the Plane!

It’s my first official trip as a Duchess and I’m so excited!


I went on the royal jets to go visit mine friend Daenie. Her having a rezz day party tonights and I packed all mine stuffies so I could changes when I get there!  I even put on a disguises so that nobody recognizes mes while I out in the public eyes. Acuz when you royalty, people sometimes stare and that take away from eberybody elses. A lady should always arrive to the party fresh n so clean clean, too! hehehehehe

A little travelin musics and I on my ways!


Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • Outfit: LPJ ~ Sammi
    part of the Kids Fifty Linden Friday (still out in the store! Go get its!)
  • Earrings: Angelle diamond stud earrings 0.75 carat ~ silver ~
  • Shoes: {momo} Slip Ons (White)
  • Stuffie: SynCo Inc Luggage : Kawaii Cupcake Kitty0
    store name is Synsational Shorties
  • Suitcase: ~*larnia*~ travellin’ style suitcase (rainbow)

Body & Makeup

  • Skin & Shape: **DoRks** Lily Skin & Shape Blogger Box
    freckles on skin are part of the mesh head, not the skin.
  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Anouk – black & whites
  • Head & body information can be seen here.

Shot on location at Image Essentials in the backdrops studio area.

Sponsored items are in bold.

Is Vacation Times!

Mine bags is packed and I ready to goes!


Only thing is…I not s’posed to tag alongs hehehehe. *pops mines gum, getting it all over mines face while I think…* I got it! Noooo worries! Mines Heaven’s gonna help me sneak on boards!


Okay bye!


On me:

  • Outfit: **DoRks** Lucky & Charm Dress (wearing Lucky Dress)
    at Toos Cute Monthly – March Round 03/02 -03/25 [Event SLurl]
  • Shoes: {T.T}Hallie TD sandals
    at Ninety-Nine Event [Event SLurl]
  • Hair: TRUTH VIP – March (wear me) – ZOYA
    *GROUP GIFT $350L to join
  • Sunglasses: Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses
  • Earrings: Turducken – Cutie Earrings – Gemstone
  • Bubblegum: {{ Momo }} Bubble Gum Gacha (eating raspberry bliss)
    *gum drool is an omega applier. **animated w/ sound
    at Hello Beautiful Event starting 03/10 [Event SLurl]
  • Suitcase: ~*larnia*~ travellin’ style suitcase (rainbow)
    at Ninety-Nine Event [Event SLurl]

Body Information found here.

On Mines Heaven:

Items in bold are sponsored.