I remember making me a special drink today since I gotta stay insides. I just don’t remembers where I put it!


Welp…time to go finds its…

Ok, bye!



  • Jumper: {momo} Jogger Shorts & Hoodie Mint
    available at LTTL SMLL STYL starting 05/13/2017 [Event SLurl]
  • Shoes:  {momo} Winglight Sneakers – Turqoise

Body, Hair & Accessories

  • Hair: Magika Group Gift – Honest Fatpack
    was a group gift for their anniversary; availability uncertain.
  • Drink: {Babysteps} Cupcake Shake Purple
    from the April round of Once Upon a Child [Event SLurl]
  • Chair: ~*Buglets*~ Lil Cupcake Chair [Mint]
    Available as a group gift (free to join)

All other body information found here.

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Visitin’ Cookie!

I was at mine big sissy’s house playin wif her pet and mine furry frand Mr. Nicochi and showin’ hims mine shoes!


They from Momo and dems mine favorites!  They look like ice creams n the stripe does this blinky things, see?


So theeen I remembered I wanted to show mines Lil Cookie, so I went to go sees him!

2017-03-06_001.pngDis mine bestieboyface in the whole wide worlds!  Him the only boy I know who don’t got cooties (asides mine brothers n fambly members).  And one day when we get older I gonna kidnaps him n keeps him forevers. Uh huhs! Hims look like he lookin’ for somethins so Imma waits to show him mine shoesies so I dun scare him (though that’d be fuuun…hehehehehehehe).

Okay bye!


On me:

  • Hair: #Foxy – Regan Hair
    at Collabor88’s February Round [Event SLurl]
  • Earrings & Necklace: ToddleTeeZ By Z -Ladybug Necklace & Earring Set {Purple}
  • Outfit: llCll Comfy&Chic: Clever
    at Once Upon a child starting 03/05/2017 [Event SLurl]
  • Shoes: {{ Momo winglight sneakers }} kawaii limited edition
    part of the Thimble Event [Event SLurl] regular colors are at the mainstore.

Body Information found here.

On Mines Cookie:

  • Hairbase: *ARGRACE* ARATA – Blacks
  • Outfit: R2A FEBRUARY GROUP GIFT 2017
  • Mesh Head: ~ Toddleedoo Mesh Head Bento Alice [SLurl]
  • Mesh Avi: Toddleedoo Baby v3.2 [SLurl]
  • Mesh Hands: ~ Toddleedoo – Bento Hands Poses (v.3.0) [SLurl]
  • Skin: Bad Seed – Jeffrey/Buff – Simple Pack
  • Eyes & Shape: Unavailable

Props and Extra

  • Backdrop : MINIMAL – Sights Background *8* gacha
  • Pose: CORPUS – Intentions (moved poseballs slightly)
    Available at Spotlight Event 03/06-03/22 [Event SLurl]

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No Need for Speed!

I was hanging out in the backyard and saw the shiny new merry-go-round that was installed. I wanted to try it and thought hmm…dis could be a good idea…


It was going way too fast! BAD IDEA!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD IDEA!! SOMEBODY GET ME OFFA DIS THIIIING!!  Thankfully…mine big cookie founds me and got me offa der! After that ‘citements I had to drink some juice to calm mine nerves!


Lesson: dun do da merry go round in the backyard by mineselfs! hehehehe

Ok bye!


  • Hair: *ARGRACE* Flat cap / HIBIKI – Blacks
  • Earrings & Necklace: ToddleTeeZ By Z -Ladybug Necklace & Earring Set {Purple}
  • Outfit: llCll – Dorked [1] pt**
  • Juice: llCll – Crazy Cup**
    **both outfit and juice are parts of the Cooley Overalls & Crazy Cups Gacha going on at BabiiGlam Fashion Showcase starting 03/03/2017 [Event SLurl]
  • Shoes: ::Momo:: Slip-Ons
    limited edition geometric blue & geometric red only 100 avail. each only available at Once Upon a child starting 03/05/2017 [Event SLurl]
    regular colors available at mainstore
  • Ring: *S*W* Strawberry RingPop
  • Bracelet: . Little Fox . Friendship Bracelet ½
  • Nail Polish: Bad Seed Zebra Nails Gift (on MP)

Body Information found here.

Props and Extra

  • Merry-Go-Round: {what next} Playground Roundabout
  • Facial Expressions in photo #1: *LightStar-Expressions-Pack1
    not for non-LightStar products so the facial expressions don’t exactly match what’s on the hud
  • Lighting by Lumipro

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