Checkin’ Ins…

This weekend gonna be busyyyyy…so I stopped by KJIm Poses to grab some poses!  They gonna be comin’ out wif some new stuffies for Pose Fair 2017, so I texted mines squad to let them know we fittna do a photo shoooot!


While I was there I dropped some of mines monies into their Relay for Life – SL terminal outside the store!  KJIm has joined forces with the Eta Sigma Delta SL Sorority Team and they are raisin’ monies for cancer research as part of Relay for Life – SL. Did you know this year’s theme is called “Passport to Hope”?  That’s so cool!  Tons of people, includin’ kids like you and me are gonna get much needed help in their fight against cancer.

So if you see a RFL terminal…donate so you can helps! Orrrr…just come by KJIm and donate on behalf of Team ESD! They keepin’ it flawless and for the help of others for reals!  And iffin you come to KJIm Poses, make sure to hit them up for great poses aaaaaaand be on the lookout for them at Pose Fair 2017! It may be a small shop but it has great stuffies and even more coming soon to Pose Fair!

Okay bye!



  • Top & Leggings: {momo} – Caticorn Sweater & Leggings (White)
  • Shoes: {momo} Wing Light Sneakers (caticorn) – Limited Edition
    both items from {momo} available at Thimble until 04/15/2017 [Event SLurl]

Hair & Accessories

  • Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yoko hair
    former group gift at mainstore (not sure if still out)
  • Necklace: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Once Upon a time Necklace (Silver)
  • Baby Unicorn: *MishMish* Baby Unicorn Companion – White
    *former Collabor88 item, now in mainstore
  • Phone Typer: **DoRks** Kickin It Phone Typer
    Group gift at mainstore

Body Information found here.

Shot on location at KJIm | KJIm Kids Apparel | KJIm Poses!

Extra infos:

Items in bold are sponsored.