Garden Gnomes

Don’t mind us! We just here making you garden look pretties. hehehehehe


Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • Outfit: ! {sPs} Talloulah _Green (tiara included)
  • Earrings: **RE** Shop Your Heart Out Earrings Gift
  •  🌟 Shoes: {T.T}Roses Glitter sneakers @ LTTL SMLL STYL (hurry!! this price ends on 03/13/2018!!)

Body & Makeups

  • Hair: Unorthodox Maddy Hair- Auburn TMP & Omega (group gift 1700L group join fee)
  • Other Basic body information found here.

Poses & Props: ~Zo Awesum~ Lucky Leperchaun @ The Play Room Event by Seraphim March!
⤷ 6 props/poses RARE is the complete set!

Ellie’s outfit can be found at:

Ashton’s outfit can be found at:

Sponsored items are in have a 🌟 in front of it. Promo items have a ❂ next to it.