Storytime w/ Pookie Pickle Juice

And tonight on “Storytime with Pookie Pickle Juice” we are reading ‘How Princess Cannie Pimptress Saved Thanksgiving ‘. This is one of mine favorites!  hehehehehehe


Ok, bye!


Clothing & Accessories

  • Pajamas & Robe: Paper Damsels -Bathrobe-Moon Bunny (unpacked)
  • Shoes: Tiny Trinkets – Candy Sneakers
    available for Color Me Cute [Event SLurl]
  • Glasses: [tyn] Glasses No.1 Classic
  • Pipe: [TTT] – Purple Bubble Pipe (No longer available. New store is Junk Food.)
    former gacha item

Body & Makeup

  • Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Lida HF2017 GIFT
  • Other Basic body information found here.


  • *AR* – Armchair – Antara
    can be sold separately and in a set

Additional lighting by Lumipro.

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I’m Ready for My Closeup!

Being an aspiring rock star, cannies pimpette princess in training draws a loooooooooot of attentions. And since the Princess School I go to can be a safe hiding places, I thought I’d take my day off there.  I even switched up my look to not be recognized (don’t worry…this just my hide among the peoples look…old me be back shortly)!


Welp, that didn’t work. A bunch of paparrazos found mes and rushed my carriage! I texted my press agents and told them to fire mine makeup artist since they the only one who know my disguise look! I was scared for a minutes, but then I said you know what…this what I training for! So cheeese…I am ready for my closeup!

Okay bye!



  • Dress: {momo} Smock Dress (comes in baby ONLY)
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  • Purse: llCll – Sweater Shirt Forgotten (new mainstore release)

Body, Hair & Accessories

  • Hair: ~*FS*~ FAITH PUFFS 2
  • Hairbase: *CB* La Renita – Vida Hairbase Black
  • Mesh Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento
  • Freckles: .::BLOSSOM’s:: Simple Beauty Freckles
  • Eyes:  **DoRks**  Mystic Eyes Collection  [SLurl]
  • Skin: **DoRks** Phoebe Skin (includes shape and bald cap)
    omega relay for your mesh body & head needed [MP link]
  • Purse: llCll – Dinosaur Messenger Bag
  • Earrings: Angelle *Kids* hoop earrings ~ little ~ silver ~
  • Cell Phone: **DoRks** My Heart Typer

All other body information found here.

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Feeding Horsie…

I went explorins a lil bits today in my

Newwwww outfit from Tic Tot Toe! And I in lubs!


Ain’t it cuuuute?

And found a pretty place called

Kona Beach!


And it had pretty horses!

It sure was hot out, so I thought

hmm…maybe Mister Horsie want ice cream!


Anyway, after I fed him, his wifey come

She was pretty and let me ride her.


Then we found a big mountain with sketti sauce falling off it!

I wanted to look closer…but the horsie didn’t move!

So we just look at it for a whiles.

Anyway, time for more ice cream!

Okay bye!


Hair: AD – li [SLurl]
Outfit: TTT – Boho Tunic (for the Color Me Cute Event) [SLurl]
Ice Cream: Mikanto – Ice Cream (Panda) (for the Bro I Gacha Event) [SLurl]
Nail Polish: ~*Buglets*~ TD Summer Ombre Nails (ONLY Avail at Hello Beautiful) [SLurl]
Mesh Avi – Cute Bytes – Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack (with baby teeth add-on used, sold separately)